2月25日付 425DX News #1660から抜粋

PERIOD(day/month)     CALL                                425DX #
till  27/02      9U4WX: Burundi                                         1651
till  27/02      9U5R: Burundi                                         1653
till  27/02      A60KWT: special callsign                               1659
till  27/02      J74D: Dominica (NA-101)                               1660
till  28/02      4UNR: Vienna International Centre (Austria)           1657
till  28/02      9K9NLD: special callsign                               1657
till  01/03      V4/K4KIU: St. Kitts (NA-104)                           1659
till  02/03      T88UW and T88CH: Koror (OC-009), Palau              1659
till  02/03      ZL7/ZL1VV: Chatham Islands (OC-038)                   1660
till  03/03      4W/JH2EUV: Timor-Leste (OC-148)                       1656
till  03/03      FT8WW: Crozet Islands                                 1660
till  06/03      V31AX: Caye Caulker (NA-073), Belize                   1658
till  07/03      J8NY: St Vincent (NA-109)                             1659
till  08/03      FG4KH: Guadeloupe (NA-102)                             1658
till  10/03      FM/F6BWJ: Martinique (NA-107)                         1653
till  11/03      V31DJ and V31DK: Belize                               1659
till  13/03      HR5/F2JD: Honduras                                     1645
till  14/03      C5C: Gambia                                           1657
till  15/03      TR8CR: Gabon                                           1649
till  28/03      VP2MDX: Montserrat (NA-103)                           1652
till  31/03      6W7/ON4AVT: Senegal                                   1656
till  30/04      H44MS: Malaita (OC-047), Solomon Islands             1657
till  30/04      VK9WX: Willis Island (OC-007)                         1648
till  01/05      HH75RCH: special callsign                             1651
till  June       J28HJ: Djibouti                                       1628
till  01/04 2024 FH4VVK: Petite-Terre, Mayotte (AF-027)               1632
25/02-08/03      3B7M: St. Brandon Islands (AF-015)                     1660
27/02-05/03      5J01EA and 5K0VT: Providencia Island 1655
01/03-07/03      EA6/OK2PYA: Balearic Islands (EU-004)              1660
01/03-08/03      PJ7EE: Sint Maarten (NA-105)                           1660
01/03-11/03      HD8M: Galapagos Islands (SA-004)                      1660
02/03-05/03      VU4T: Andaman Islands (AS-001)                         1659
03/03-26/03      FG/F6HMQ and FG/F6GWV: Guadeloupe 1660
03/03-01/04      PJ7AA: Sint Maarten (NA-105)                           1659
04/03-05/03      TO3Z: Guadeloupe (NA-102)                             1660
04/03-22/03      PJ2/DK5ON: Curacao (SA-099)                           1660
13/03-31/03      VK9TOM: Norfolk Island (OC-005)                       1660
17/03-31/03      VK9NT: Norfolk Island (OC-005)                         1659
18/03-25/03      FO/AA7JV: Marquesas Islands (OC-027)              1660
18/03-26/03      DU1/SP5APW: Calayan Island (OC-092)              1657
19/03-01/04      V4/N4RF: St. Kitts (NA-104)                           1659
20/03-30/03      CY0S: Sable Island (NA-063)                           1660
22/03-30/03      9G4X: Ghana                                           1660
25/03-26/03      TO3Z: Guadeloupe (NA-102)                             1660
25/03-26/03      VJ9N: Norfolk Island (OC-005)                         1659
28/03-05/04      FO/AA7JV: French Polynesia (OC-066)                1660

3B7    - The  3B7M DXpedition team's departure  from Mauritius  has been de-
         layed owing to tropical cyclone Freddy.  They set sail on 24 Febru-
         ary, one day  later than planned,  and will extend radio operations
         until  8 March.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW,  or via OK6DJ.  See
         See https://3b7m.com/ for more information.
9G     - Team 9G4X  (Zeev 4X4ZS, Haim 9G5AF,  Curt N2ZX,  George N4GRN,  Joe
         K9UR, Gregg W6IZT,  Hal W8HC,  Bob W9AP  and  Mike WB0SND)  will be
         active from  Langma, Ghana on  22-30 March,  including a  Multi-Two
         entry in the CQWW WPX Phone Contest.  Outside the contest they will
         operate five stations: three on 160-10 metres, one on 6 metres  and
         one QRV on QO-100. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW, or via K4NHW. The
         team also looks forward to working with some of the  local amateurs
         sharing DXpeditioning and  contest operating experiences  that they
         hope will encourage the locals to pick up and continue after depar-
         ture. The 5-element antenna for six metres  will be donated  to the
         Accra Amateur Radio Club (9G2DX) for their continued use during the
         6m season.
FG     - Look for Gildas, FG/F6HMQ  and  Michel, FG/F6GWV to be active again
         from Guadeloupe (NA-102)  on 3-26 March.  They will participate  in
         the ARRL DX SSB Contest (4-5 March)  and the  CQ WW WPX SSB Contest
         (25-26 March) as TO3Z (QSL via F6HMQ). [TNX The Daily DX]
HC8    - Jim WB2REM, John K4LT  and  Bob KE2D  will be active again as  HD8M
         from  Santa Cruz,  Galapagos Islands (SA-004) on  1-11 March.  They
         will operate SSB, CW and FT8 (F/H)  on 160-6  metres.  QSL via Club
         Log's  OQRS,  or direct  to  WB2REM;  LoTW  after  six months.  See
         https://www.hd8m.com/ for the band plan and other information.
J7     - J74D (not J79UKR as he had requested and hoped for) is the callsign
         actually issued to Yuri, VE3DZ for his activity from Domica  (20-27
         February). QSL via Club Log's OQRS, or via home call.
J8     - Thomas, F4HPX will be active holiday style as J8/AG7JQ from "sever-
         al islands"  within  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  sometime  in
         March. He will operate mainly SSB,  with some FT8/FT4  "when tired"
         and maybe "a bit of automated (sorry) CW" on 40-10 metres.  QSL via
         F4HPX (direct or bureau), LoTW and eQSL.
PJ2    - Andy, DK5ON will be active again as PJ2/DK5ON from Curacao (SA-099)
         on 4-22 March.  He will operate SSB, CW and digital modes on  160-6
         metres.  QSL via LoTW,  Club Log's OQRS,  or via DK5ON  (direct  or
         bureau). [TNX NG3K]
PJ7    - Gary, KC9EE will be active holiday style as PJ7EE from Sint Maarten
         (NA-105) on 1-8 March. He will operate mainly CW QRP  and  possibly
         some FT8 and FT4  on 40-10 metres.  He will upload his log to  Club
         Log and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
T30    - Norbert, DF6FK  and  Judith, DL2ZAD  have cancelled their operation
         from Banaba [425DXN 1659] as  "after daily visits to the government
         offices,  they found  no ship  is going to T33 in the near future".
         They will remain in  Tarawa (Western Kiribati) for a while,  and be
         active as T30BB and T30BA. QSl via QSL via DF6FK, direct or bureau.
         [TNX The Daily DX]
VK9N   - Tom, VK3FTOM  will be joining  the VK9NT team  that  will be active
         from Norfolk Island on  17-31 March [425DXN 1659].  He has also got
         his personal callsign,  VK9TOM,  which he will use starting  on  or
         around 13 March for "some QRP operating" while on the island.
VU4    - Gopan, VU3HPF (M0XUU) and  Ram, VU2JXN will be active holiday style
         as  VU4T  from  Port Blair, South Andaman Island  (AS-001)  on  2-5
         March.  They will operate mainly CW and maybe some SSB on 40-10 me-
         tres, running 200 watts  into an elevated vertical  near the beach.
         They will also be active on QO-100 (CW and SSB).  No QSL cards will
         be printed, but the log will be uploaded to LoTW, Club Log, and the
         QO-100 DX Club's website.
ZL7    - Volker, ZL1VV has been active again as  ZL7/ZL1VV  from the Chatham
         Islands (OC-038)  since 23 February,  and will remain there until 2
         March. In his spare time he operates SSB on 20, 17, 15 and 10m. QSL
         via LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]

CY0S ---> Because of  some scheduling issues,  three operators  (K4UEE, K5YY
and N2IEN) have dropped out of the team, which now includes  Jay K4ZLE,  Lou
N2TU, Glenn W0GJ, Dan W4DKS, Murray WA4DAN, Lee WW2DX  and  two new members,
namely  Craig K9CT and John W2GD. The DXpedition to Sable Island is expected
to take place on  20-30 March  [425DXN 1659].  CY0S  is  also  on  Facebook:

FT8WW ---> Thierry has made nearly  39,000 QSOs so far.  He has been  autho-
rized to continue  until 3 March,  then he will have to cease operations  on
the HF bands for one week.  Finally, he expects to resume activity for a few
more days. He is required to QRT ten days before the  "Marion Dufresne"  ar-
rives  to take him and  others off the island.  Depending on sea conditions,
the ship is expected to stopover at Possession Island on or around 26 March.


18MHz, 21MHz, 24MHzはLPの時とSPの時、両方が聞こえて聞き取りにくい時、時間の経過とともにLPからSPに変化するときなど、コンディションの変化が楽しめた。
朝の21, 24, 28での北米・カリブ方面の信号が強くなってきている。
CW, SSBの交信は、相手局とちょっとした情報交換ができるのが楽しい。

Call Date JST MHz Mode Entity
PA1CC 02/04 06:00 7.027 CW Netherlands
SP2WKB 02/04 06:35 7.173 SSB Poland
OH5Z 02/04 06:43 7.007 CW Finland
OM0WR 02/04 06:47 7.007 CW Slovak Republic
BH9EAZ 02/12 18:55 7.022 CW China
ZL3FRI 02/12 19:07 7.117 SSB New Zealand
EC4DEX 02/04 06:21 14.195 SSB Spain
5X4E 02/04 14:08 14.215 SSB Uganda
F4GDZ 02/05 17:11 14.162 SSB France
ON6GMT 02/05 17:32 14.162 SSB Belgium
GM0GMN 02/05 17:36 14.162 SSB Scotland
PD3AL 02/05 17:41 14.162 SSB Netherlands
VK2IJS 02/05 17:45 14.162 SSB Australia
D44PM 02/05 17:49 14.162 SSB Cape Verde
EA8/G7COD 02/05 17:56 14.162 SSB Canary Islands
EI6GEB 02/05 18:03 14.162 SSB Ireland
5Z4BU 02/12 14:38 14.211 SSB Kenya
HB9TRY 02/12 15:45 14.226 SSB Switzerland
ZF2LC 02/04 06:58 18.075 CW Cayman Islands
OK1DX 02/04 18:18 18.087 CW Czech Republic
EC6AAE 02/04 18:26 18.079 CW Balearic Islands
LZ319TS 02/04 18:34 18.075 CW Bulgaria
IT9RZR 02/05 16:56 18.072 CW Sicily
HB9HLM 02/05 18:30 18.156 SSB Switzerland
GI0BDX 02/05 18:40 18.141 SSB Northern Ireland
MI0BPB 02/05 18:53 18.090 CW Northern Ireland
DL0AH 02/05 19:03 18.125 SSB Fed. Rep. of Germany
3Y0J 02/07 21:06 18.072 CW Bouvet
3Y0J 02/07 23:17 21.021 CW Bouvet
CO6LC 02/04 07:41 21.300 SSB Cuba
PJ7AR 02/04 07:52 21.325 SSB Sint Maarten
VP2EIH 02/04 07:55 21.325 SSB Anguilla
3Y0J 02/09 21:39 21.225 SSB Bouvet
FT8WW 02/14 20:39 21.045 CW Crozet Island
PJ2ND 02/04 07:35 24.903 CW Curacao
PJ2MAN 02/04 07:59 24.965 SSB Curacao
W3FF 02/04 08:01 24.950 SSB United States
TI2SD 02/04 08:39 24.950 SSB Costa Rica
IT9RZR 02/05 18:24 24.894 CW Sicily
V85T 02/12 09:29 24.896 CW Brunei Darussalam
VP5/DK6AS 02/12 09:32 24.895 CW Turks & Caicos Islands
EA6Y 02/12 18:06 24.900 CW Balearic Islands
E7/Z35M 02/12 18:08 24.902 CW Bosnia-Herzegovina
HB9HLM 02/12 18:26 24.950 SSB Switzerland
SP4R 02/12 18:28 24.950 SSB Poland
NL7OW 02/04 08:21 28.497 SSB Alaska
HP9SAM 02/04 08:37 28.450 SSB Panama
XE2JS 02/04 08:53 28.465 SSB Mexico
SM4OTI 02/04 17:30 28.009 CW Sweden
IZ3DVU 02/04 17:43 28.016 CW Italy
LZ1QI 02/04 17:48 28.016 CW Bulgaria
DL5FCZ 02/04 17:52 28.016 CW Fed. Rep. of Germany
G5LP 02/04 18:04 28.016 CW England
LX1LC 02/04 18:08 28.462 SSB Luxembourg
W1AW/KH6 02/12 09:39 28.011 CW Hawaii
3W1T 02/12 09:44 28.000 CW Vietnam
CA4OMQ 02/12 14:48 28.010 CW Chile
SV2CXI 02/12 16:09 28.499 SSB Greece
FK8HA 02/12 16:13 28.420 SSB New Caledonia

髙田 郁(著) 2009年 幻冬舎



2月18日付 425DX News #1659から抜粋

PERIOD(day/month)     CALL                                425DX #
till  21/02      TO4A: Martinique (NA-107)                             1658
till  21/02      J8/AJ4YX: St. Vincent Island (NA-109)                 1657
till  21/02      OX3LX, OX5DM, OX7AKT, OX7AM: Greenland (NA-018)       1658
till  21/02      PJ4/N9TTK: Bonaire (SA-006)                           1658
till  21/02      S79/G4HSO: Seychelles                                 1656
till  22/02      7Z3FD, 8Z3FD, HZ3FD: special callsigns                 1658
till  22/02      D4T: Ilha do Sal (AF-086), Cape Verde                 1658
till  23/02      YJ0A: Efate (OC-035), Vanuatu                         1655
till  24/02      C5YK: Gambia                                           1648
till  24/02      VK9CVG: Cocos (Keeling) Islands (OC-003)               1656
till  25/02      5V23LE: Togo                                           1658
till  25/02      ZD7MG: St. Helena Island (AF-022)                     1657
till  26/02      PJ4/NE9U: Bonaire (SA-006)                             1657
till  27/02      9U4WX: Burundi                                         1651
till  27/02      9U5R: Burundi                                         1653
till  27/02      FT4YM: Dumont d'Urville Station, Antarctica (AN-017)   1659
till  28/02      4UNR: Vienna International Centre (Austria)           1657
till  28/02      9K9NLD: special callsign                               1657
till  03/03      4W/JH2EUV: Timor-Leste (OC-148)                       1656
till  03/03      FT8WW: Crozet Islands                                 1658
till  06/03      V31AX: Caye Caulker (NA-073), Belize                   1658
till  08/03      FG4KH: Guadeloupe (NA-102)                             1658
till  10/03      FM/F6BWJ: Martinique (NA-107)                         1653
till  11/03      V31DJ and V31DK: Belize                               1659
till  13/03      HR5/F2JD: Honduras                                     1645
till  14/03      C5C: Gambia                                           1657
till  15/03      TR8CR: Gabon                                           1649
till  28/03      VP2MDX: Montserrat (NA-103)                           1652
till  31/03      6W7/ON4AVT: Senegal                                   1656
till  30/04      H44MS: Malaita (OC-047), Solomon Islands               1657
till  30/04      VK9WX: Willis Island (OC-007)                         1648
till  01/05      HH75RCH: special callsign                             1651
till  June       J28HJ: Djibouti                                       1628
till  01/04 2024 FH4VVK: Petite-Terre, Mayotte (AF-027)                 1632
19/02-25/02      HZ1KWT: special callsign                               1659
19/02-25/02      J644: special prefix (St Lucia, NA-108)               1659
19/02-27/02      A60KWT: special callsign                               1659
20/02-26/02      A91KWT: special callsign                               1659
20/02-26/02      J79BH: Dominica (NA-101)                               1659
21/02-28/02      J79UKR: Dominica (NA-101)                             1659
22/02-01/03      V4/K4KIU: St. Kitts (NA-104)                           1659
24/02-02/03      T88UW and T88CH: Koror (OC-009), Palau                 1659
24/02-05/03      3B7M: St. Brandon Islands (AF-015)                     1651
24/02-07/03      J8NY: St Vincent (NA-109)                             1659
27/02-05/03      5J01EA and 5K0VT: Providencia Island (NA-049)         1655
February         5V22FF: Togo                                           1655
February         6Y5FS: Jamaica (NA-097)                               1657
February         T33BB and T33BA: Banaba Island (OC-018)               1659
February         XZ2B: Myanmar                                         1658
February         ZS7ANF: Wolf's Fang Runway, Antarctica (AN-016)       1643

A6     - The  Emirates Amateur Radio Society  will take part in the celebra-
         tions of  Kuwait National and Liberation Days  as  A60KWT  (QSL via
         EA7FTR)  and  A60KWT/xx  (see qrz.com  for the QSL routes  for  the
         different suffix extensions) on  19-27 February.  Also joining  the
         celebrations will be the Saudi Amateur Radio Society as  HZ1KWT  on
         19-25 February  (QSL via HZ1SAR),  and  the  Bahrain Amateur  Radio
         Society as A91KWT on 20-26 February (QSL via EC6DX).
FT_ant - David, F4FKT [425DXN 1657] is now expected to be QRV as FT4YM  from
         Dumont d'Urville Station (Ile des Petrels, AN-017) on  13-27 Febru-
         ary, and as FT4YM/mm from the icebreaker "L'Astrolabe" from 28 Feb-
         ruary to 5 March. QSL via F5PFP. [TNX DX World]
J6     - Amateur radio operators from  Saint Lucia (NA-108)  are allowed  to
         use the special prefix J644 on  19-25 February,  in celebration  of
         the 44th anniversary since  their country  gained full independence
         (22 February 1979). For instance, J69DS will be signing J644DS (QSL
         via EB7DX).
J7     - Laurent FM5BH as J79BH and Yuri VE3DZ as J79UKR will be active from
         Dominica (NA-101) on 20-26 February and 21-28 February, respective-
         ly.  QSL J79BH via Club Log's OQRS  or direct to FM5BH;  QSL J79UKR
         via VE3DZ.
J8     - Sandro VE7NY, Allan VE7SZ and Rob N7QT will be active as J8NY  from
         the main island of St Vincent (NA-109) from 24 February to 7 March,
         including a M/2 entry in the ARRL DX SSB Contest. They will operate
         SSB, CW and FT8 on 160-10 metres. QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or
         direct to VE7NY.
T33    - Norbert, DF6FK  and  Judith, DL2ZAD  will be travelling  to  Banaba
         Island (OC-018) on 17 February,  and be active as  T33BB and T33BA,
         respectively, for 11-12 days.  They will operate SSB and CW on 160-
         10 metres with two stations. QSL via DF6FK, direct or bureau;  they
         will not use Club Log or LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
T8     - Ichy, JH7IPR  will be active again  as  T88UW  from Koror (OC-009),
         Palau from 24 February to 2 March. He will operate mainly FT8, with
         CW and SSB if conditions are good. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW or
         via home call (direct or bureau). Also look for JF6CHA to be active
         as T88CH during the same time frame.
V3     - Walt, W0CP as V31DJ (CW)  and his wife  Mary Kay K0ZV as V31DK (SSB
         and FT8) are active from Placencia, Belize until 11 March. They can
         operate on 160-10 metres.  QSL V31DJ via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS,  or
         via W0CP;  QSL V31DK via LoTW,  Club Log's OQRS,  or via K0ZV. [TNX
         The Daily DX]
V4     - Upcoming activities  from St. Kitts (NA-104)  include  V4/K4KIU  by
         Matt, K4KIU on 22 February-1 March (QSL via LoTW and Club Log), and
         V4/N4RF by Bob, N4RF  on 19 March-1 April  (QSL via LoTW, or direct
         to home call). [TNX The Daily DX]